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Webmaster’s note: This book is based on the journal of Color Sergeant Dan Crotty.   Dan began the war as a member of the 3rd Michigan Infantry Regiment.  As the 3rd and 5th were part of the same Brigade, this is an excellent accounting of the travels of the 5th.  Also, the 3rd and the 5th merged into one regiment about December, 1863.

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Webmaster’s note: An excellent book for anyone interested in learning to play the fife.  It includes a concise history of many of the songs associated with fifes.

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Webmaster’s note: This book is based on the journal of a private in the 17th Maine Infantry Regiment.  The 17th and 5th were in the same Brigade.  This journal, along with Dan Crotty’s journal, provides insight into the travels of the 5th.

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